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Fancy Getting Into Bed with Virgin Hotels?

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We’ve Got A Rep For Creating A Ruckus

Richard Branson brings the iconic Virgin brand into new markets around the world to shake up the status quo. Now, with new levels of service and quality, we’re taking on hospitality with the innovative Virgin Hotels. As Virgin’s latest hospitality venture, our properties offer Virgin Hotels developers a unique real estate investment that targets a young at heart, high-income audience. Backed by our team of industry mavericks with a focus on boutique hotels, we’re here to do some good in the luxury lifestyle hotel market — and have fun doing it.

“I’ve had great fun turning quite a lot of different industries on their heads and making sure those industries would never be the same because Virgin took them on.”

— Sir Richard Branson

With more than 25 years in the travel sector and a reputation for delivering unforgettable experiences to millions of fans, Virgin is a perfect fit for the luxury lifestyle hotel business. Virgin is a leader in design and hospitality and has transformed businesses ranging from airlines and fitness clubs to super luxury retreats and even space tourism. Our customers expect innovation and excellence, and our luxury lifestyle hotels will deliver exactly that.

Boutique Hotel Development
in The World’s Most Dynamic Urban & Resort Markets

Capitalizing on the Virgin brand’s international appeal and cosmopolitan fan base, we’re looking to expand our love and hotel development opportunities to the world’s most dynamic urban and resort markets.  From small, boutique hotel development to large, upper upscale and luxury hotel properties, we’re keen to discover luxury lifestyle hotel opportunities in neighborhoods as vibrant and cultural as the young at heart consumer we serve.

Once ready for business, Virgin Hotels properties will feature our charismatic and contemporary style alongside innovative functionality, ample communal space, a signature restaurant and entertainment venues, all wrapped in an efficient, personalized experience.

Changing Business For Good

The Concept

The Opportunity

Have Your People

Meet Our People

The Development Team

Greg Doman

Chief Development Officer

Alex Andjel

Vice President of Development - Europe

James Bermingham

Chief Executive Officer

Teddy Mayer

Vice President Creative Director

Liza Stone

General Counsel

Harris White

Chief Financial Officer

Leslie Shammas

Vice President of Development Services

Tim Wyman

Vice President of Development

The Leadership Team

James Bermingham

Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Hotels Collection

Doug Carrillo

Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Hotels Collection

Wendy Mertz

Chief Information Officer, Virgin Hotels Collection

Greg Doman

Chief Development Officer

Johanna Kent

Chief People Officer, Virgin Hotels Collection

Leo Rotshteyn

Global Head of Revenue Management and Distribution, Virgin Hotels Collection

Harris White

Chief Financial Officer, Virgin Hotels Collection

Liza Stone

General Counsel, Virgin Hotels

Teddy Mayer

Vice President Creative Director, Virgin Hotels Collection

Jason Doebrich

Vice President of Information Technology, Virgin Hotels

Maya Latinovic

Vice President Global Sales, Virgin Hotels Collection

David Moth

Vice President Operations- Hotel Openings, Virgin Hotels

Todd Orlich

Vice President Operations- Americas, Virgin Hotels

Martin Sinclair

Corporate Director of Operations, Virgin Hotels

Rene Wilson

Vice President of Operations Finance, Virgin Hotels

Daniela Otto

Corporate Director of Talent Acquisition, Virgin Hotels

Nikolai Ursin

Corporate Director of Marketing, Virgin Hotels

Jodi Forslund

Corporate Director of Sales, Virgin Hotels

Where We’re Going



  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Nashville
  • Las Vegas
  • New Orleans


  • New York City
  • Miami

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  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow

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Where We Are / Where We’re Going
Where We Are / Where We’re Going
Where We Are
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