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We’ve Got A Rep For Creating A Ruckus

Richard Branson brings the iconic Virgin brand into new markets around the world to shake up the status quo. Now, with new levels of service and quality, we’re taking on hospitality with the innovative Virgin Hotels. As Virgin’s latest hospitality venture, our properties offer Virgin Hotels developers a unique real estate investment that targets a creative, high-income audience. Backed by our team of industry mavericks with a focus on the boutique hotel lifestyle, we’re here to do some good in the luxury hotel market — and have fun doing it.

“I’ve had great fun turning quite a lot of different industries on their heads and making sure those industries would never be the same because Virgin took them on.”

— Sir Richard Branson

With more than 25 years in the travel sector and a reputation for delivering unforgettable experiences to millions of fans, Virgin is a perfect fit for the luxury hotel business. Virgin is a leader in design and hospitality and has transformed businesses ranging from airlines and fitness clubs to super luxury retreats and even space tourism. Our customers expect innovation and excellence and our new 4-star hotels will deliver exactly that.

Boutique Hotel Development
in The World’s Most Dynamic Cities

Capitalizing on the Virgin brand’s international appeal and cosmopolitan fan base, we’re looking to expand our love and hotel development opportunities to major cities across the globe. San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, London, Paris, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Mexico City — our ambitions are as large as our hearts. From small, boutique hotel development to large, luxury hotel acquisitions up to 400 rooms, we’re keen to discover modern lifestyle hotel opportunities in neighborhoods as vibrant and cultural as the creative class we serve.

Once ready for business, Virgin Hotels properties will feature our charismatic and contemporary style alongside innovative functionality, ample communal space and a signature restaurant, all wrapped in an efficient, personalized experience.

Changing Business For Good

The Concept

Membership without dues

Designed to be your place in the city, Virgin Hotels offer a uniquely individual yet undoubtedly global appeal. We invite guests to discover the benefits of exclusivity with a charm and authenticity that’s open to all.  Our mission is to be the most irresistible hotel brand in the world.

Chamber Not Just A Room. Chambers — A better guestroom experience.
With everything in its right place, plenty of plugs, great lighting, thoughtful shower design and new twist on the bed and service delivery, our rooms are a matchless experience developed for today’s traveler. Each evolves into two Chambers with a sliding privacy door, addressing the dynamic needs of our guest with a focus on female travelers and their comfort.

Surprise! No hidden fees. No nickel and diming.
We look to delight guests at every turn by giving them more without giving them the runaround. Common sense features like free WiFi, hassle free late checkout, no cancellation fees and our two-chamber guestroom experience make even the ordinary feel like an upgrade.

The Common Club Commons Club
From one-of-kind pop-up events to cocktails that embolden a palate-pleasing culinary menu, Commons Club is designed to feel like a “members only” experience that’s open to all—hotel guest or local. With a strong emphasis on zones, cocktail and food culture, social gigs and hospitality, each space achieves its own sense of exclusivity with an inviting vibe.

Get in The Know
Who doesn’t want a mini fridge stocked with their favorite chasers, or a Chicago-style dog treat for your puppy? We’ve also added member only rates, upgrades and special offers and events in Commons Club to drive direct bookings and loyalty. We’ve tossed aside the typical hotel rewards game to give exactly what today’s guests want. Join The Know. We’ll take it from there.Lucy

Meet Lucy, your mobile comfort concierge
Lucy makes things happen. Ask for anything—extra pillows, laundry pick-ups, turndown service, valet—she’ll get it done without you having to talk to anyone. If that’s what you’re into.


Virgin Hotels is positioned as the much-needed bridge between the current landscape of lifestyle and legacy hotels. With a focus on the fantastic, we’re creating a global hotel lifestyle brand that combines comfort and innovation with a unique mix of cultural influences, from fashion to music and everything in between.

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Savvy Experience
Innovation and technology that puts the consumer in control

Delivering Desire
A hotel focused on understanding consumer preferences and delivering above and beyond

Irresistible Charm
A business with a heavy emphasis on training, service and an efficient operating infrastructure

People & Planet
What’s the point of profit if it comes at a big cost to the environment, the global community or the welfare of our staff? Instead, we let our conscience be our guide, choosing to focus our business on both people and planet


The Virgin Hotels audience cuts across business and leisure, including men and women spanning gen Y, X, and savvy boomers comfortable with tech. They demand style and substance and are willing to pay a premium for the Virgin experience. They are uber-impatient and value streamlined experiences. They want to un-wind and have a case of wanderlust. They like to go “native”, expect to be recognized and occasionally rock out.

The Virgin Hotels Opportunity

Partner With Virgin

With a highly differentiated hotel proposition, Virgin Hotels offer property owners and developers unique opportunities that tap into evolving trends in consumer tastes. As a leading global brand, we have redefined the customer journey from pre-arrival to check-out while being built on the deep understanding of extensive customer research, creating hospitality investment opportunities targeted toward a valuable audience of high income, well-educated, metropolitan professional.

By leveraging millions of Virgin customers, we significantly enhance our marketing, sales and distribution with a built-in audience of loyalty members through, Virgin Red, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club™ and Virgin Australia Velocity Club™. In addition, having built large scale, highly profitable businesses, we bring proven operational expertise to all our hospitality investment opportunities.

If interested in partnering with VH, please contact us HERE.

Virgin Hotels seeks attractive boutique hotel development in the world’s most dynamic cities.

Capitalizing on the Virgin brand’s global appeal and cosmopolitan fan base, Virgin Hotels’ target list includes major global cities (e.g. Chicago, Ibiza, Cabo, Nashville, Napa, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, London, Paris, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Mexico City). We are keen to discover properties ranging from smaller boutique hotels to larger, high-quality, luxury hotels in appealing neighborhoods that will meet the expectations of travelers in the “creative class” – a culture and mindset that represent the values of our target guests.

Hotel Conversions Made Simple

Virgin Hotels is an ideal brand option for your unencumbered hotel when it’s time to step up your game. Here’s what it takes.

– The ideal hotel has over 150 keys, meeting and event space and suitable for a rooftop bar and Commons Club. Click here to learn more about the Virgin Hotels Food and Beverage concept.

– Timeline to convert your hotel is approximately 18 months.

–We can operate Virgin residences in conjunction with a Virgin Hotel in key markets.

– Virgin Hotels Operations team is experienced and equipped to take over hotel operations on day one! Click here to learn more about Our Operations Team

– Virgin Hotels experienced design and technical service team will provide developers and owners with a clear process which helps ensure a conversion that is on brand, on time, and on budget. Click here to learn more about our Design & Technical Service Team

Operational Philosophy


Our commitment to thoroughly fulfilling our operational methods ensures your lifestyle hotel investment with Virgin Hotels is a safe one. With a focus on operational discipline, all our departments are in constant sync with one another to achieve the company’s goals.

Creating innovative lifestyle hotels requires a dedicated team that understands the complexities of the industry. Success in modern hotel development requires executing key details that mold design, culture and technology to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience for consumers, employees and associates alike. From leadership to culture and process, this is the Virgin Hotels way.

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The leadership team at Virgin Hotels brings many years of experience in the luxury hotel sector from across some of the strongest lifestyle management companies in the industry. Many of our team members also bring considerable experience from traditional brand and management companies, allowing us to understand the competitive landscape in any market.

There’s something magically indescribable about our Virgin Culture. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors and makes the Virgin Brand so unique. Our Brand Purpose states what we stand for while our culture defines who we are. Together, they make Virgin one of the most desirable places to work. The way we naturally behave, every day, is the way the brand is experienced. Virgin is a human culture led by our hearts and our heads. We hunt for talent that genuinely cares about people, the planet and profit. This caring is plain to see in the authentic and approachable way we relate to others. Internally our culture never forces talent to shrink to fit but encourages you to think individually, to take positive risks and to achieve much more than expected. Read more about our culture from Forbes.

Operations Process
The operations process within Virgin Hotels has a simple philosophy: Keep it simple and free up our talent to provide brilliant service! Operations Put Simply, or OPS, is our version of Standard Operating Procedures, and encapsulate the process and the essence of the brand in simple to read and understand documents. This data is all housed within a comprehensive “Intranet Portal” which also serves as a medium of communication for our teams, investors and corresponding vendor/partners. The “Cycle of Operations” as we call it, ties culture, process and measurement together in a seamless manner that creates an environment of accountability and enhanced profits.

Marketing Virgin Hotels

Virgin Hotels’ marketing efforts are strongly rooted in digital, CRM and public relations. Leveraging Virgin’s global brand awareness to create collaborative marketing strategies with our sister companies allows us to quickly garner brand awareness throughout the boutique hotel industry in a fraction of the time it would take another hotel brand.

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Digital Marketing
Digital is at the core of our marketing strategy as it achieves the most optimal revenue results while providing the highest ROI. We place a large amount of resources against creating the best-in-class websites, SEO and SEM, email and mobile marketing and social media alongside visually engaging, emotional and valuable content. Read more about our digital marketing from Tnooz.

Understanding Our Customer – The Know Program 
Knowing our core audience all the way through is vital to our marketing campaigns as we strive to provide meaningful, and contextual offers while personalizing a consumers stay by knowing their exact preferences. The Know, our customer preferences program, helps us to create those meaningful relationships based on loyalty beyond points which means more to your bottom line. We’ve recently added Member Only Rates, Upgrades and special offers and events in the Commons Club to drive more direct bookings. Read more about The Know program from Mashable.

Customer Relationship Management
Our CRM centers on creating new ambassadors for the Virgin Hotels brand while introducing luxury hotel experience to 50+ million Virgin consumers worldwide. Cendyn, our CRM solution, provides marketing automation and guest intelligence for our hotels. The Know, our loyalty and preferences program uses Cendyn to leverage real-time data to provide personalized one-to-one communications and service to our members.

Virgin Airlines Customer Base
By aligning ourselves with the over 4 million Virgin Atlantic, and Australia members, we’re converting frequent flyers into frequent hotel guests through preferred offers and status.

Earned Media/Public Relations
We value the importance of earned media/public relations and what that means to the hotels bottom line so our efforts are focused on providing exciting and relevant content that will be picked up by our targeted digital and traditional media outlets. Richard Branson and Virgin have prided themselves on creating one of the most powerful PR machines in business.

Direct Sales

The property sales force, working in tandem with the sales force for Virgin Atlantic, make a winning combination in achieving our topline goals. Ours sales teams consist of the most tenacious and value driven professionals, providing revenue building in several key market segments.

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Groups — Meetings, incentive trips, conferences and exhibition (MICE), from corporations, associations and social organizations

Entertainment — Television, movie and music

Travel — Travel management companies (TMC), consortia, tour and wholesale

Corporate Transient — Business travel (managed and unmanaged)


Virgin Hotels provides a powerful and cost-effective distribution channel system along with best-in-class technology resulting in exceptional top and bottom line results. Our distribution channel system is fully integrated with our revenue management, customer relationship and property management systems. This allows for real-time revenue management strategies to take place and provide market-share premiums in any city a Virgin Hotel calls home.

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Central Reservation System
Sabre Hospitality Solutions industry-leading SynXis CRS powers our distribution. Its next-generation application framework combines state-of-the-art technology with advanced user features to deliver the most flexible and easy-to-use reservation and distribution solution.

Revenue Management System
Duetto provides a cutting-edge hotel revenue management system to optimize demand, maximize rate and minimize cost. Powered by leading Silicon Valley technologists and hospitality industry veterans, the hotel revenue management platform incorporates big data together with booking data, online customer activity and a powerful algorithm to give the best price recommendations for each customer.

People Powered

A strong culture and purpose drives profits, and Virgin Hotels understand this better than anyone, relying on the Virgin culture to create a best-in-class workplace environment for all. Read more about our people from Virgin.

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  • Global HR support from Virgin Group
  • Virgin “Open Door and Fair Treatment Policies” promoting fairness, stability, and low turnover
  • Succession planning program with other Virgin companies
  • Ongoing organizational climate surveys
  • Virgin packaging of workman’s compensation, national health, safety, and comprehensive loss/risk management services and materials

Proactive Hiring & Training

  • Simple job descriptions to minimize ambiguity
  • Tough screening processes coupled with exceptional orientations
  • Training intertwined with everyday work activities and meetings to reduce costs
  • Supplementary online training. Virgin University
  • Daily pre-shift meetings focusing on “Service Standards of the Day”
  • Internal social media programs aimed at spreading the culture


  • Compliance with applicable regulatory mandates
  • Progressive safety programs
  • Reduced costs through reduced claims

Recognition & Improvement

  • Performance-based compensation with incentives to exceed targets
  • Over-the-top recognition and celebrations
  • Twice-a-year Associate Opinion Survey independently managed with results posed online
  • Internal company newsletter focused on associates
  • Interactive and social intranet housing all forms, documents, standards, awards, and recognition such as posted service stories

Have Your People

Meet Our People

Meet the brightest minds and smiles behind the Virgin Hotels. As leaders in the hotel development industry, our team strives to shakeup the industry with every guest experience and each and every stay.

James Bermingham

Chief Executive Officer

James BerminghamChief Executive Officer

James is responsible for delivering Virgin Hotels’ global growth, operational excellence, multi-award-winning customer experience, and unique culture. With over 35 years of hospitality experience, James began his career in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, followed by ten years in London, England, including executive roles with ITT Sheraton Corporation and the Luxury Collection. His career then led him to the United States, where he held prestigious General Manager roles at the St. Regis Hotel in Houston and the Montage Laguna Beach. Since 2008, he served as Executive Vice President, Operations for Montage International, where he oversaw all aspects of operations for the award-winning Montage and Pendry Hotel brands seven hotels and resorts, including owner relations, culture development, and sales and marketing.

James has served on many not-for-profit and hospitality industry boards and committees, including Chair of Visit CA, Preferred Hotels & Resorts Advisory Board, and Forbes Travel Standards Advisory Committee.


Harris White

Chief Financial Officer

Harris WhiteChief Financial Officer

Harris is responsible for the brand’s financial impact as it relates to growth investments and new management contracts. Additionally, White helps to set the growth agenda and outline the financial vision for the Virgin Hotels brand. Before joining Virgin Hotels, White held a leadership role at Sage Hospitality, where he oversaw all aspects of finance, accounting and technology functions for Sage Hospitality’s 75 hotels and 12 restaurant concepts nationwide. White has worked with a number of established brands such as The Wellbridge Company, Morgan Keegan & Company, and more. He earned his dual Masters of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting from Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management.

Doug Carrillo

Chief Marketing Officer

Doug CarrilloChief Marketing Officer

In his role Doug leads the brand marketing, sales and revenue management for Virgin Hotels. Doug has more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. His background includes senior executive level Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management positions with Morgan’s Hotels Group, Desires Hotels, and Carnival Hotels and Casino.

In his capacity at Morgan Hotels Group he was directly responsible for overseeing the sales, marketing and revenue management disciplines for Delano, Shore Club and Mondrian South Beach. Prior to joining Morgan’s Hotel Group, Doug was Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing and a partner at Desires Hotels. Throughout his tenure, he developed a robust sales and marketing platform and solutions for e-commerce and revenue management that led to significant REVPAR premiums across the portfolio. In 2002, he co-developed Desires Hotels, and helped grow the portfolio from 4 to 35 modern boutique hotels. In 2009 he received the prestigious “Adrian Award” from HSMAI for website design and was honored as one of the “Top Twenty Five Sales & Marketing Minds”.

Doug graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management from Florida International University.

Clio Knowles

Chief People Person

Clio KnowlesChief People Person

Clio Knowles is the Chief People Person for Virgin Hotels, which launched its first property to great acclaim in Chicago in 2015. Clio’s primary focus has been to develop a company culture that focuses on the Virgin Hotels brand values and celebrates their people. This incorporates not just employee engagement and communication, but also focuses on the Virgin Hotels purpose, that everyone leaves feeling better. Virgin Hotels believe that their teammates are the key to an amazing customer experience and believe in recognizing and rewarding that in all teammates. Previously, Clio held the role of VP, Global Human Resources at Kerzner International, which at the time owned and operated the Atlantis, Paradise Island in The Bahamas; Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai; Mazagan Resort in Morocco and seven luxury resorts globally, under the One&Only brand.

Clio is passionate about people and creating an environment where teammates work hard but also have fun. She is a Global Professional of Human Resources, SHRM and has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Barry University, Miami, Florida.

Todd Orlich

Vice President of Operations - North America

Todd OrlichVice President of Operations - North America

Todd is a seasoned hospitality professional with over 25 years of hospitality experience. In his role, he oversees the day-to-day operations and works closely with the senior leadership team to develop and execute the strategic plan to drive growth and profitability. Most recently, Todd was the Managing Director of 1 Hotel Toronto where he was responsible for the opening of Toronto’s newest luxury hotel overseeing all aspects of pre-opening construction, operations, and training, including developing cutting edge sustainability initiatives for the eco-conscious brand.

Previously he was Regional Vice President and General Manager of Delano for SBE and oversaw the other SBE portfolio of hotels in Miami. Prior to SBE Todd was General Manager at Montage Laguna Beach and Montage Beverly Hills, both Forbes five-star hotels, and has also held leadership roles at Loews and Starwood Hotels. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona, where he holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Communications and Finance.

David Moth

Vice President of Operations

David MothVice President of Operations

David Moth started his hospitality career in Australia sorting linen in the basement of a hotel – as part of his high school work experience program – and immediately fell in love with the hotel business. After graduating from Ryde College in Sydney, David left Australia to broaden his horizons. That ongoing adventure has had him working in the UK for Trusthouse Forte, Virgin, and Malmaison; the Caribbean where he was Assistant Manager at Richard Branson’s Necker Island, Resident Manager at Rosewood’s Little Dix Bay, Resident Manager at Jalousie Plantation Resort and Spa, and General Manager of Nisbet Plantation Beach Club.

In 2001, David moved to the United States to manage the famed Tides Hotel in Miami Beach before spending over six years with Desires Hotels/Trust Hospitality in several General Manager roles including the Sagamore, the Strand and the Betsy hotels in Miami Beach, then becoming Vice President of Operations overseeing all hotels in the Trust Hospitality portfolio until coming back to the Virgin family as VP of Operations at Virgin Hotels.

Bryan Davern

Vice President of Operations - Europe

Bryan DavernVice President of Operations - Europe

Bryan is joining us after an extensive 20-year career in hospitality. His most recent role with Press Up Hospitality Group, which includes seven lifestyle hotels in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Westmeath and the biggest hospitality operator in Ireland. There he held the position as Head of Hotels for five years, more than tripling their number of hotels during that time.

Bryan started his career with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts holding various management roles in both the US and Ireland. He went on to manage both independent and branded hotels in the UK and Ireland. Bryan studied hotel management in Shannon College and holds a master’s degree in Strategy and Innovation from Maynooth University.

Rory Lowe

Vice President of Finance

Rory LoweVice President of Finance

Rory will work directly with senior leaders to drive profitability at Virgin Hotels and provide financial leadership for all forthcoming openings. Prior to joining Virgin Hotels, Rory worked for Two Roads Hospitality, where he previously served as Vice President of Finance overseeing Canada and the Eastern and Central United States. Prior to his years with Two Roads Hospitality, Lowe held several finance and food & beverage leadership roles with both Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and Marriott International. Lowe holds an MBA from Cornell University.

Teddy Mayer

Vice President of Design

Teddy MayerVice President of Design

As Vice President of Design Teddy oversees the vision and execution for how the Virgin Hotels brand comes to life in the hospitality design environment. Teddy spent seven years as the senior director of design and development at Morgans Hotel Group where he focused on the expansion of the Delano, Mondrian and Hudson Hotel brands. On the agency side he began his design career at Skidmore Owings & Merrill in New York where he focused on hospitality interiors projects for brands such as W Hotels and Resorts, Capella and The James to name a few. Most recently Teddy worked for Gensler in New York as the regional director of hospitality interiors. He was responsible for establishing a hospitality interiors studio and developing the regional practice. Teddy has a Masters of Architecture, a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from the University of Idaho.

Guy Lindsey

Vice President of Construction

Guy LindseyVice President of Construction

Guy Lindsey brings extensive experience with strategic lodging development and renovation projects to the role of Vice President of Construction for Virgin Hotels, where by he will support current efforts in the design area and streamline opening processes as the brand continues to grow.

In a career that has spanned more than 35 years, Guy has been involved in all phases of construction management, including hotels, residential, mixed use and office building projects. In addition to serving as one of the industry’s most valued consultants, Lindsey previously held the position of Senior Vice President of Design & Construction at Park Hotels and Resorts, a company born out of Hilton Worldwide, where he developed and supervised the internal and external project management and engineering team. He also served as Senior Vice President of Design & Construction at Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc., where he worked on projects that include the Marriott Wailea and Hyatt Regency San Francisco. Throughout his career, Lindsey has had direct experience with $3 billion worth of renovation, conversation and repositioning projects across all major brands and property types. A graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Building Science, Lindsey will be based in Miami, FL.

Alex Andjel

Vice President of Development - Europe

Alex AndjelVice President of Development - Europe

Alex oversees Virgin Hotels expansion in Europe and will work closely with capital partners and strategic investors to acquire new and existing properties in cities across Europe. Hoping to acquire two or three properties per year, the brand is keeping options open, targeting cities from London, Paris and Rome to less-predictable locations like Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Alex’s most recently served as Vice President of Development for YOTEL, focusing on Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Prior to this, he was Director of Montpelier Hotels Ltd., a hospitality investment and corporate finance advisory firm and Director of Development for Bridgehouse Capital, a private equity company with total assets in excess of $1 billion. More recently, he spent five years with Orient-Express Hotels Ltd. where he managed more than $500 million of acquisition, financing and dispositions of non-core assets. He successfully executed third party hotel management agreements for OEH in London and North American (Cadogan Hotel, Durley House and The Inn at Perry Cabin).

Where We’re Going


  • Montreal
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