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Fancy Getting Into Bed with Virgin?

We've Got a Rep for Creating a Ruckus Virgin Hotel Development - Sir Richard Branson

A Hotel Brand That Will Change the Industry

For those hotel investors looking for the next best real estate investment, Virgin Hotel Development is the latest venture in hospitality from Virgin, a brand firmly established through its staunch commitment to innovation. Backed by a team of industry mavericks and a vision of the hospitality business focused on delivering a sophisticated hotel experience to a creative, high-income target audience, Virgin Hotels is ready to make its mark on the hotel market.

We've Got a Rep for Creating a Ruckus

Sir Richard Branson brings the Virgin brand into new markets, shakes up the status quo and introduces new levels of service and quality to industries around the world. We have redefined the airline, telecom, rail, music, banking, and fitness sectors; now we are taking on hotels.


We don’t just play the game.

We change it for good.

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